Hopes & Dreams

by N3VOA

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2CD album plus Remix CD with Remixes from Patrick Codenys from Front 242, Daniel Myer from Haujobb, Mind.In.A.Box, Assemblage 23, Leaether Strip, Decoded Feedback, Signal Operator, Amorphous, Aesthetische, Neuroactive, in a 4-fold DVD digipak package. Plus 44 paged booklet.


released September 30, 2016

The album was produced by Diego Bittencourt, Claus Larsen, Jarkko Tuohimaa & Daniel Myer.



all rights reserved


N3voa New York, New York

N3voa's heavily influenced by old and new Leaether Strip, Depeche Mode to Neuroactive to Front Line Assembly

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Track Name: Evolution

Fool me once
but never twice,
I've seen enough,
this will suffice And another challenge will begin Perseverance deep within

Patience is a virtue
very few possess
I'm moving on with my life
But I wish you all the best,
Evolutions a necessary process


I cannot bare to bother
Resisting tides of angry seas
My hardened skin is newfound armour
I cannot lose my new beliefs
Track Name: Alone
I've been remiss, I've been amidst
I've been above, the sea glistens
I've been hidden, the silence so persistent
I've been abandoned, the solace wanted
I've been given, I've overlooked
I've shed my skin, I've slowly risen
I've been given, I've overlooked I
I've shed my skin, I've slowly riiseeen...
I watch those with sullen faces
Eyes filled with blank gazes
Lights blazing from their open mouths
Alone, alone, alone now..
I've seen the cliffs, gazing into abyss
I've seen the treasures, I truly miss
I've seen loss multiply, I quietly die
I've tried too hard, l always quantify
I've been true, I've been confused
I've shed my skin, I've slowly risen,
I've been given, but the silence so persistent
I've shed my skin, I've slowly risen
Track Name: Change Is Yet To Come
"Change Is Yet To Come"

I sense the coming of better days
The change is evident,
I'm longing for a better phase
The battles I face are no longer the same


I fear an end with no reprisal
All my wrongs taking their toll
An ever changing scenario
Where my flaws become incremental
I fear the weight of my heart
All my soul wants is to heal
Away from what tears me apart
From this madness I will try to peel
I long for better days to come
The end of my suffering I hope is near
I long for better days to come
Further from these impending fears
Track Name: Rude Awakening
"Rude Awakening"

Newfound trust awaits
My limbs finally freed
These shackles no longer binding me
Prepare yourself for my rude awakening


Sparing no expense
when beating me down
I've been through at all
Nothing more for me to see
Nothing more can make me bleed
Pushing through your hatred
I've come out unscathed
Blessed be thy day
When the world no longer hears your name
Track Name: Metamorphosis

Horizons filled with promise Storms of hail and wind
In our bleak realities,
A hopeful grip
Singed by burning fires
Not a sky but a prison of gray The memories are never far away
Metamorphosis. Symbiotic.
We are but a symphony of frantics
Burdened by our own mistakes


The walls I build The truth, the hurt, the guilt
A helpless shell of my former self
Never too late to change your Self
Track Name: Putrid Nature
"Putrid Nature"

I curse the ground that you walk on
I've been held captive for so long
All that bullshit that you preach
Your putrid nature fucking wreaks
I wish you nothing but the worst
I've enable for so long
All the sanity that I've wanted Surging forwards from this break


Hardships are often cruel,
A battle, a struggle, a deathly duel.
I've won them all so fuck you
I've won them all so fuck you
Track Name: Seek & Destroy
"Seek And Destroy"

I swat the flies from the corpse
I feel complete no remorse
Like a missile when deployed
Fear me when I seek and destroy
Feel the wrath when I plunder
The earth shakes and the men squander
I am the push to the shove
I am the reason for the chaos above


You'll never see me coming
You'll never understand your failure
I send the weak and frail running
Emptiness in this massive rupture
I won't seek to purge you of your sins
I am no God, just your end
I'll destroy your foundation and build an empire above your elimination
Track Name: Controlled Sanity
"Controlled Sanity"

Trapped in this chaotic scheme
None of us wished it
Yet here out souls bleed,
May I present the million pieces
Of a troubled soul
Hope is but a dream,
Despair reigns supreme
My colors blend into the pale
My colors blend into the pale
The places I've known
To be the safest,
When I wither into this hole
Thankful for the strength
Of my own shell
Otherwise outside,
A living hell.
Track Name: Hopes & Dreams (feat. Tom Shear)
"Hopes & Dreams"

We see always see
what we want to see
Needing and craving the spoils


Here it comes once again
A longer road around the bend
My soul is longing for the end
Pushing me away
I see the pastures full of seeds
Golden crops of possibilities
I see the ripened maturity
The beauty of my hopes and dreams.
Breathing in the evil that corrupts our hopes and dreams
But I truly disagree, not I, not me.
Repeat chorus
I will not let these evils spoil me ....

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Rage

All these excuses for your sins
Spare me the web of lies you yield
With you I can never win
Can someone tell me if this is real
All my pain surging
All my fears emerging
Bless the patience I've nurtured
My rage is always burning
RAGE ....
My rage is always burning ...


Eternal, ephemeral, animalistic
Psychosomatic, elemental, detrimental.
This rage is psychotic ....
Track Name: Stand By You
"Stand by You"

I need to feel you
I need to hear you
You are my light
You just don't even realize
Please don't go ...
Feel My heart or
Spin your web
Hypnotize me with your deepest stare
Make a wish
Or maybe it's a threat
Please don't go ...
Please don't go ...
Together and alone
We are flesh and bone.
Let love be our truth
Stand by yourself and I
will stand by you
Track Name: Broken Promises
"Broken Promises"

Failure proliferating
I'd expect nothing less Molded by a system that's intoxicating
Effortless broken promises
Do you worry often?
Do you believe the madness? Do you wait for the noise to soften?
Do you wait for a moment of silence?


Bold and willful statements Wrapped in wishful thinking
A string of hope lasts forever A string of lies destroys the latter
Track Name: Breathing (Vocals by Claus Larsen)

Eyes are futile
like a burnt out flash light
Dead ends always have a door
if you look without prejudice.
My personal pain
those missed children
gotta keep walking
until I reach them.
Track Name: Back Again
"Back Again"

Please recall what did I say
I didn't mean to hurt you in anyway
How painful can it be ?
When my soul is lost and free
I wanna take you with me
To a paradise you've never seen


When you are so cold
Waiting for Love to approach
I seem to wonder where you could be
Instead of looking inside of me
Distant walks on the sand
Destiny recalls on the palm of my hand
Caressing you with no fear
Glamorous kisses interfere
Just give me one more chance
So I can have you back again
Repeat chorus
Track Name: Ultramarine

Pursuit of pleasure
A game of back and forth
Selfless antics
Wrapped in loving form
The ultimate prize
A smile set to break the mold
I've never seen anything
Quite like you before
I will guess,
The lingering question persists
I believe your beauty to be
Truly endless
Love is only what you perceive,
Endless waves of reality
Something you wish to cherish
That your soul may die if it were to perish


All I am,
All of you,
I am me but truly you
A better person I have become.
Love is all you understand
Lines drifting in the sand
And all the grains combined,
My love for you will always shine.
So what am I?
The harbinger of greatness,
The bearer of your strength
The wonder of a princess.
My love is everlasting
My soul endearing
The wonders of a woman,
The beauty of a God.
Track Name: Unequivocal Ignorance
"Unequivocal Ignorance"

Spirals, overwhelming
My head is spinning
Coping with your empty words
I should've known better
Blame is thrown around Pointing fingers left and right Why do we insist?
Why do we persist on this fight?
These sacred scrolls you worship
Outdated and useless
Bound by due diligence Unequivocal ignorance


Cut the ties
Watch how freedom dies
At the hands of those we cherish
Watch as we all perish
Track Name: Prose of Death
"Prose of Death"

What makes us unique
Are we developed?
Are we more evolved?
A sense of false improvement


Where no one cares for the next
Where no one cleans up the mess
Where no one gives a fuck
Where we all run out luck.
What makes us all is what we have?
Are we less callous?
Are we less jealous?
This lingering prose of death
Where no one cares for the next
Where no one cleans up the mess
Where no one gives a fuck
Where we all run out luck.